Principal's Message

December 2017

Dear P. S. 182 Families,

It is hard to believe that our next school day is in 2018! Forty percent (40%!) of the school year is behind us. All of our children have made strides forward, and all have next strides to make.

Moving into January, you should see your children making significant academic growth, if you have not already. We will continue sending home updates and next steps for your children. As always, we will send specifics about what you can do at home to support your children.

The better we can support you at home, the better you can support the learning in school.

So, please lean on us. Reach out to us for additional assistance and with your questions. Contact your teachers to make appointments.

As I always say, we work for you and your children. The stronger our partnerships between home and school, the stronger our students will grow!

Mr. Topol


Individual Student Goals

Remember, every child is different. Every child has individual goals. In addition to the information you already receive, you will be receiving even more student-specific information for writing and math in January.

It is very, very important that both you and your children know these goals. If your children can talk about a learning focus they have and what they are doing to work on it, eventually they will achieve it. They must be able to articulate their goals and strategies to achieve these.

Talk about these daily with your children. Have them show you evidence of working on these in their homework and the work they bring home. Have them teach you about these.

Read! Read! Read!

The number one home support for school is reading! Reading dominates the middle column of my newsletters nearly every time. That is because reading is central to every subject, even mathematics!

Last month I wrote to you about simple steps you could take at home to support reading. This month, I want to explain how we assess reading in school.

Our main tool for reading assessment is the running record. Running records are used to determine a child’s reading level (A, B, C, D, etc.). As a child reads, the teacher takes note of different aspects.

• Reading Behaviors: We look for what the child is doing and how the child is thinking while reading. For example, is the child making comments or predictions? Does the child follow the text from one line to another? Does the child pause? Laugh? Look at the pictures first?

• Accuracy: How many and what sort of errors is the child making? Does the child recognize errors or make corrections?

• Comprehension: How does the child retell the text? Can the child answer questions about the text? Can the child make inferences? Inference is when a reader figures out something that the author does not directly state.

• Fluency: How smooth is the reading? Does the child pay attention to the punctuation?

Outside of the running records, teachers monitor other points, too. Sight words are words that student must recognize automatically, without decoding or hesitation. Phonics are letter sounds and relations, which are essential to decoding.

Academic Quick Shots

Use myON.com to support reading! When you do, make sure that your children complete the comprehension questions at the end of each text. Remember, myON is in English and in Spanish. If you forgot your user name or password, let your teacher know!

Writing, like reading, is about communication. Whether your child is in kindergarten or in fifth grade, talking about ones ideas before or while writing is important. Whether in English, Bengali, Spanish, Arabic, or any other language, you can help with this!

Use the Pearsonrealize.com to support you and your children with math. This supports our math curriculum, Investigations. Make sure that your child studies math facts sent by your teacher!


Attendance and arriving on time are so very important. If children miss instruction or join the day late, many find class confusing. Please remember: • School begins at 8:00.

• Many middle schools DO look at a child’s attendance record when considering applications.

• Repeated absences and lateness do hurt your child. P. S. 182 considers these in promotional decisions.

If your children are sick, please do keep them home. Otherwise, please get them to school and get them to school on time.

Always ask your children about how they are showing their P. S. 182 R.O.C.K.S. behavior: Respect, Our Best Effort, Cooperation, Kindness, & Safety.

Quality Review

P. S. 182 received a rigorous top-to-bottom Quality Review from the NYCDOE, which all schools receive periodically. While we are awaiting the final report, P. S. 182 performed strongly in all categories! This speaks to the work of our staff, the learning of our students, and the support of our entire community! P. S. 182 continues to grow stronger and stronger! I will share the ratings as soon as we receive the report.

Key Upcoming Dates

• December Break Starts Monday12/25; School Reopens Tuesday, 1/2

• 1/2 SLT 3:30 pm

• 1/9 PTA 6:00 pm

• See scheduled times for Family Mornings & Coffee Chats for specific grades

• February Break Starts Monday, 2/19; School Reopens Monday, 2/26


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