Principal's Message

March 2018

Dear P. S. 182 Families,

Spring Break is upon us, and before we know it, the summer will be here. But, we still have a lot of time for learning and growth ahead of us this school year. You just met with your teachers for progress conferences. Use the suggestions your teachers provided. Keep up the dialogue. Continue to ask questions and for follow-up meetings.

As your children progress, so will their next steps and our plans of action. Your teachers will continue sharing these with you.

The more we align our supports from school and from home, the better our children will do. We look forward to a spring of growth and success!

--Mr. Topol

Individual Student Goals

As I say again and again, each child is unique. This goes for everything: interests, strengths, areas of focus, learning styles.

So, every child in our school has individual goals and next steps to get there. All children should be able to tell you these goals and what they are doing to achieve these.

We’ve been working on something new in writing for our students in grades two through five. These are called Writing Progressions.

Every child has a target area for writing. For most students this is either:

• making their writing more focused or

• elaborating by adding more thoughts, evidence, or description.

Teachers provide instruction to support specific strategies that will help your child grow to the next level in that area. The children must use these strategies as they write. As they do, they are expected to tag these spots.

This tagging serves three purposes.

1. Awareness: We want the children continually thinking about their goals and these strategies. We want them using the strategies regularly.

2. Accountability: If the children know that their teachers and partners will be looking for evidence of these strategies, they are more likely to use them frequently.

3. Partner Discussions: Every day partners share with one another, talking about where and how they used the target strategies to grow stronger and achieve their goals.

Teachers will be sending home the Writing Progressions particular to your children, along with some related supports. You can support your children by having them explain these and showing you evidence of these in their writing

Second graders should be bringing these home already. Third, fourth, and fifth graders will bring these home in the weeks following the ELA exams, as normal writing instruction resumes.

In kindergarten and first grade, teachers use more basic variations of these Writing Progressions. Children still know their goals and the strategies. They still monitor use and progress. They talk with partners too!

Read! Read! Read!

I shout this at every opportunity! I cannot stress this enough. The more your children read, the better they will do. If your children do not read a lot, their progress will suffer.

Reading impacts everything!

No matter how you support this, make sure it happens regularly.

• Read the books your child brings home from school.

• If your child likes a series, have your child read lots of books from that series.

• Read with your child, taking turns.

• Read to your child.

• Use your www.myON.com account.


P. S. 182 provides a terrific resource to support parents and students at home with Math.

www.Pearsonrealize.com is aligned to our math curriculum. It has tutorials for parents and for students. It has games. It has practice. It has supports in English and in Spanish. If you are not using this, start! If you need help with any aspect of it or you do not have access to a computer or smartphone or other devices, come and see us. We will help!

Key Upcoming Dates

• March 30: School closes for Spring Break

• April 9: School reopens

• April 10: PTA meeting, 6:00 pm

• April 11 & 12: 3rd, 4th & 5th grade New York State ELA exams

• April 17: SLT meeting, 3:30 pm

• May 1 & 2: 3rd, 4th & 5th grade New York State Mathematics exams


Always ask your children about how they are showing their P. S. 182 R.O.C.K.S. behavior: Respect, Our Best Effort, Cooperation, Kindness, & Safety


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