Grading Policy

September, 2017

Dear Families of P. S. 182,

As in years past, P. S. 182 provides you with regular updates on your child’s academic progress, in addition to the official report cards you receive in November, March, and June. We feel that in order to provide the best collaborative support possible for the children, the more that home and school can align our support, the better.

Most often, the performance and progress of your child comes on a 1 through 4 scale:

• A level 1 notes that your child is far below grade-level expectations,
• A level 2 notes that your child is below, but approaching grade-level expectations,
• A level 3 notes that your child is meeting grade-level expectations, and
• A level 4 notes that your child is exceeding grade-level expectation.

(The exception to this scale is on certain math assessments, where accuracy is graded on 1 through 3 scale, with three being the highest possible level.)

You will be receiving very particular academic information on your children’s performance levels and growth, as well, such as actual Independent Reading Levels (IRL levels, such as A, B, C, etc.), sight-words, and math facts. These will always be converted into a 1 through 4 scale to support you, as well.

Most importantly, in addition, we will provide you with information about how you can support your children at home, based on this academic information.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your teachers, to Parent Coordinator Gloria Cahill, or to our administrative team. We look forward to working with you to support the children across this school year!


Andrew Topol


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