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Dear Parents and Guardians,


This month in reading we are starting our Series Book Clubs. This means we are studying character traits and plot changes, noticing patterns, and making predictions. At home, please practice the strategies you see in your child’s baggies to help with retell.


This month, we are writing about reading and forming our own opinions about books. Please use language at home with your child such as, “From my point of view, the author states,” and “In my opinion…”


This month we are going to learn the foundations of multiplication and how to determine even and odd numbers. You can practice this with your child using materials around the house like socks. If every sock has a partner or is in a pair, the number is even. If there is a sock leftover without a partner, the number of socks is odd.

social studies

We are learning about the government and its laws.


We are still learning about plants and living things.



*With the weather always changing, please remember to dress your child accordingly since we will be going outside more and more! Thank you for your cooperation!


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