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Octuber 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Your children have learned the rules and routines of the classroom and are adapting very nicely.

Fundations: We have been reviewing the 1st grade overview of Fundations in order to make sure we know all about letters and their sounds as well as digraphs and blending and tapping words together. *Please make sure if your child has index sight word cards in their baggies that they review them every night before reading. We will go on to the units that your children are ready for in level 2.


This month we are learning how to read more and more by making a plan and sticking to it. We are also making sure to read by taking a sneak peek through the book and think what voice to use when reading it. We are reviewing decoding strategies we have learned in first grade to help us read more fluently as well as scooping under the words.

Please try to sit and read with your child every night. We know that time is very limited, but when you read with them about things and sight words they notice, they learn to become aware of every little detail about the story.


During the month of October, we will be continuing to learn how to write small moment stories. Your children know how to do this, but this year we are focusing more on making our stories come to life with dialogue, action and more details in pictures and words.


We have been learning how to count and double-check our answers. We are learning to use a number line and count by tens to 100. We are also learning about time. Please remember to help your child notice the time on the clocks in your house whether they are digital clocks or analog clocks. *Please remember to study your child’s math facts every night so they learn them more quickly and are able to solve a problem without counting on first.


We are learning about Earth and Materials. Look at rocks and dirt and talk about its properties.

social studies

We are learning about our community’s geography. Talk about what it looks like as you walk around the neighborhood.





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