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Dear Families,

It’s hard to believe that we are already two months into the school year. We have been working hard these past two months learning routines throughout the day. Parent Teacher conferences are on Thursday, November 16th. (12:30-2:30 and 4:30-7:30) We look forward to meeting with all our first grade families. Have a wonderful November!


First Grade Teachers


We have been reading and working on becoming stronger readers. To become stronger readers, we are aiming to read longer and stronger. We’ve learned that it is important for us to rev up our minds for reading before we dive into a book. We’ve learned how to share and talk about our books with our partners. We are reading and making sure we understand what we are reading. We’re also making pictures in our minds as we read to help us understand the stories well.

In Reading we have been using word solving skills as Word Detectives, like looking at the pictures, stretching out the words, and thinking about what’s happening in the story. Going into our new unit, Learning About the World through Reading Nonfiction, the students will continue to use their word detective strategies reading informational books. They will be thinking about the topic, and what the author’s purpose is. Please remember to always read with your children and Talk, Talk, Talk about the books they read.


We have been working hard in October and will continue in November on writing How-to books. We have been thinking about what we are experts at. We want to teach others how to do something. We are using sequencing words, putting our stories in order, adding specific words that are important for the topic, and ending our books in a strong way. You can help your students with this unit by asking them what they can teach others, like brushing their teeth, then they can tell you the steps. They can even act out their how-to and you can ask them questions. Why is it important to brush your teeth? How long should we brush our teeth? How often should we brush our teeth? These questions will help them elaborate, or add more information to their how-to. Make it a fun activity!


In Math we have been playing a lot of Math Games. These games help students with number recognition, counting on, counting back, and comparing numbers. We will be sending home games throughout the school year. Please be mindful of the games sent home because we may revisit them throughout the year. It’s going to be a fun filled year with numbers!


Please be sure to set aside a time for homework every day. Our children still need your help reading directions and completing their homework. Soon they will be able to do most of the homework assignments all on their own. Thank you for all your support while the children become independent learners.


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