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May Newsletters

Dear Families,

We can’t believe May is finally here and the last day of school is soon approaching. The children have worked so hard to reach their goals, and they couldn’t have done it without supportive families behind them. We thank you for being instrumental in your child’s first grade career.

First Grade Teachers


In reading workshop, children will be working on Reading Nonfiction Cover to Cover: Nonfiction Book Clubs. In this unit, the children will strive to improve their nonfiction reading skills and work on their speaking and listening skills as well. They will be taught how to read nonfiction books fully and deeply from the first page to the last. The children will be reading longer books than they ever have, and will need new strategies for hanging on to the important information. They will also learn to take the information provided in one book and add it to information learned in another.


We are almost at the unit of our writing unit, Realistic Fiction. The students are very anxious to celebrate their series writing that have been working on. In each of these stories we have taught students to include action, feeling, dialogue, problem, and solution. Our last unit in writing will be Writing Like Scientist. In this unit students will be performing some basic experiments and then writing them up like lab reports. It is also another very exciting unit. They will learn new vocabulary words and learn the scientific method.


During this year, we learned how to add numbers, solve story problems, find combinations for numbers, subtract and much more. We also worked on learning facts and being able to recognize them automatically. This month we are working on counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s using the 100 chart. Also, the children will have an opportunity to practice adding and subtracting 10 from 2-digit numbers.


Please be sure to set aside a time for homework every day. Our children still need your help reading directions and completing their homework. Soon they will be able to do most of the homework assignments all on their own. Thank you for all your support while the children become independent readers.




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