4th grade

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We are learning so much in school! Please ask your child daily what he/she is doing in the classroom!

Reading And Writing

Our units of study in both reading and writing will focus on learning important skills and strategies that will help us when taking the NYS tests and classroom tests. We will learn important skills, which will help us to read difficult passages and answer multiple choice and short answer questions. We are working extremely hard to master the essay structure and write extended responses that require us to argue and state our opinion, both based on a single passage and on paired texts.


We are diving deep into our study of fractions throughout the month of March. We are using reasoning and envisioning to help us to compare, contrast and solve problems involving fractions. We are continuing to work hard on multi-step word problems involving fractions, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We will be reviewing past concepts and lessons as we prepare for the state test.

social studies

SOCIAL STUDIES: We finished up our study on the American Revolution and will begin our study on how our nation was formed. We will read lots of complex texts to help us learn about the Constitution as well as a mini-unit on Slavery.


SCIENCE: We completed a mini-unit on ecosystems and focused our learning on food chains and food webs as well as animal and plant adaptation. As a culminating task the students worked with partners to create posters that show their learning. Now we’re learning all about water as an invaluable natural resource.




*Please read every night! 4th grade students should read 45 minutes each day!


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