4th grade

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January 2018


Happy New Year!

We are excited to enter 2018 with a positive and fresh new outlook on the remaining months of school. The next few months are going to fly and we are ready to enter this race to the end.

Reminder! As we enter this new year, our supplies are running low. Please replenish!


In reading, writing, and social studies, we are going to work on being researchers and diving into many different strategies to help us read and write about the American Revolution.

In reading, we are working in stations to discover many different aspects of the Revolutionary War. We will be learning, analyzing, and studying propaganda, images, maps, articles, and books on the American Revolution.


In writing, we will become experts on a research topic during this time period. We will conduct research and use our note-taking skills to help us gather information. We will learn different strategies to help us create a powerful essay on our American Revolution topic.

social studies

In social studies, we will be focusing on the events that led up to the American Revolution. We will be using strategies to help us deconstruct sentences, or parts of the text which will support our study of the American Revolution.


In math, we will be starting to use many different strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. We will look at addition and subtraction through various story problems and number strings. We will learn how they are inverse operations. We will also be learning how to use the standard algorithm for addition and subtraction.


*Please read every night! 4th grade students should read 45 minutes each day!


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