5th Grade

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Octuber 2017


We have transitioned nicely into fifth grade! We are excited for the year ahead!


Students will be challenged to compare and contrast complex non-fiction texts. They will build up their knowledge of different text features to help them understand what they are reading. They will respond to their reading by writing with very specific details, asking critical questions, and writing about their big ideas, themes, and issues. They will build their own personal toolkit with many strategies to help them independently navigate through complex non-fiction texts.


We are heading into writing like a journalist. Students will write quick, concise, and focused news reports that tell the who, what, where and when with a sense of drama. In the second bend of this unit, students will write feature articles about topics they know well. They will conduct surveys, interview people and engage in some research from text-based sources. Students should be able to categorize information and elaborate in order to teach others about their topic. A feature of this unit is having students self-assess their writing and identify goals for themselves as writers.


We are continuing our work in multiplication and division. We are sharing our strategies and trying new ones. Parent letters were sent home, which show strategies to work on with your child. It is important that children practice their basic facts by playing games and using other ways taught in class.

social studies

In Social Studies, we are headed into our unit on Ancient civilizations: Incas, Mayans, Aztecs. We are learning how their contributions have impacted our world. We are using close reading strategies to comprehend challenging texts. We are writing short and extended responses.


Parent/Teacher conferences are in November. Please keep an eye out for information regarding that.


The following are some engaging websites for the whole family!

www.timeforkids.com Search ‘Food and Nutrition’ for interesting articles.

http://www.foodsafetynews.com Keep up with current nutrition news.

http://www.nourishinteractive.com Learn about nutrition with games, tools, and tips.

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