5th Grade

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We are done taking our exams for this year! Now, we are preparing for senior activities!

Reading And Writing

Reading We are working hard in our fantasy reading unit. We are working together, in our book clubs, to notice fantasy elements. We are enjoying looking at who holds power in the books we read. We are continuing our work on note-taking while reading.

Writing In writing, we are working hard on our memoirs. We are digging deep into our lives and writing about times that have been hard, challenging, amazing, and more. We are incorporating feelings and emotions into our writing in order to express a big message.


In math, we will begin our coordinate geometry unit. We will learn how to graph coordinate points on the x and y axes. We will also be reviewing perimeter and area. We will calculate and compute various numbers to solve multi-step word problems within these contexts. Please remember to log online to Pearson for additional resources and practice.

Content Literacy

In content area, we are finishing our unit on ecosystems. We will be heading into our unit on food and nutrition. We will be analyzing different foods and learning about nutrition in different countries.





The following are some engaging websites for the whole family!

www.timeforkids.com Search ‘Food and Nutrition’ for interesting articles.

http://www.foodsafetynews.com Keep up with current nutrition news.

http://www.nourishinteractive.com Learn about nutrition with games, tools, and tips.

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