5th Grade

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We have been learning so much! We are eager to meet you at Parent/Teacher Conferences.


In our current unit called Tackling Complexity, students have been learning different ways to attack complex texts. We are working on finding more than one main idea within a text and supporting them with several details. We are analyzing how the author structures their writing, making inferences, and tackling important vocabulary.


As we begin our Journalism and Feature Articles unit we have been using Thinking Maps to help us plan out topics that we know a lot about. We are looking at mentor texts and exemplars to help mimic writing styles. We are also trying out new writing structures to incorporate into our writing.


We have been working hard in our unit about volume. We have been discovering ways to find volume of rectangular prisms and cubes. We have been learning how to double the volume. In our next unit on fractions we will add and subtract fractions with like and unlike denominators.

Content Literacy

(Social Studies & Science)

In Social Studies, we just ended our unit on Ancient Civilizations. We are able to explain and write about the contributions of each civilization. Now we are heading West! We will be studying Westward Expansion and will see how change and growth have both positive and negatives effects.


Parent/Teacher conferences are in November. Please keep an eye out for information regarding that.


The following are some engaging websites for the whole family!

www.timeforkids.com Search ‘Food and Nutrition’ for interesting articles.

http://www.foodsafetynews.com Keep up with current nutrition news.

http://www.nourishinteractive.com Learn about nutrition with games, tools, and tips.

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