September, 2016

Dear P.S. 182 Families,

My name is Ms. Rubin and I am so excited that I will be your child’s art teacher. For many of you, this is not an introduction, but simply a “so-happy-to-have-you-back-again” letter, as I have had the pleasure of teaching many of your children in the past. I always strive to ensure that each year is an even better version of the one before, and I anticipate a wonderful year for your child.

Our art students will have a year filled with creativity, thinking “outside the box”, artistic problem solving, all while using a wide variety of media. They will learn about different artists and their unique styles. To supplement the learning that takes place during art class and on trips, there are additional ways that you can support your child’s art education.

Firstly, the public library is a vast resource for art books and DVD’s. Some other great art sources are art galleries and museums, which are either free or at minimal cost. Encouraging your child to draw or paint at home, is a way to foster a love of the arts. Finally, technology can provide access to the arts for many children through virtual museum tours and art exploration websites.

Below, please find a list of resources that can further help your children connect with the arts. I look forward to a productive, art-filled year with your children!


Ms. Rubin Visual Arts Teacher

Art Resources

1.    Queens Public Library: books, DVD’s, computer access with parental permission.

2.    Museums:

3. Websites: ***Only under parental supervision

The Google Arts and Culture Institute - (virtual tours of many museums from around the world)

National Gallery of Art - (games, information

The Art Institute of Chicago - (games, stories)


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