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Octuber 2017

Content Literacy News

Third graders begin this year by studying Matter and Measurement! Ms. Beltran, our Science teacher, sees us twice a week to work on our Science topics with us. In class we will also be exploring the states of Matter and Measurement by reading complex texts. We will read texts, complete activities, and write all about what we’re learning. Please ask your child to tell you about the important ideas learned in Science.


For the month of October our students will be exploring mystery. Our students will be reading mystery books, working in book clubs. Students will keep track of clues, wonder about suspects, jot points of confusion and discuss their thinking with partners. As the unit progresses, we will shift from reading mysteries to reading other types of fiction.


We are now writing opinion pieces about changing the world through speeches, editorials and petitions. We will look for things in our community we would like to change. Once we have identified something we would like to change, we will come up with reasons to support our claim.


In math we’ve explored our multiplication and division strategies and working on trying out different strategies. Our new unit is all about data. The unit focuses on using bar graphs, pictographs and line plots. The children will be collecting, representing, describing, organizing and interpreting data. They will also generate measurement data by using inches, half inches, feet and yards. Our family letters support this work and give wonderful ideas to help your children.

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