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Reading News

Reading News We are still working on our research clubs! Students will complete another cycle of research, research two animals, then compare and contrast the two animals. They will independently gather facts from three texts to build their knowledge about animals. They continue to discover animal adaptations, the differences in animal habitats, animal food chains, human impact on animals, etc. While students read, they will take notes to hold onto important information that they can add in their writing. Talk to your children about the animals they are researching. Your child can do more research at home about his/her animals here:


Writing News

Students are writing books about the animals they’ve researched in reading. After they have written two books, they will write a book about both animals that captures the big ideas they have developed while reading. Then we will move into the unit of writing fairy tales. In this unit the students will be writing adaptations of Cinderella and develop original fairy tales. The students will study the classic fairy tales and practice writing their fairy tales.


Math News

Congratulations to the entire Third Grade for accomplishing their first Math State Exams. We are very proud of your hard work and determination. This month we will be concentrating on addition and subtraction strategies with numbers within 1,000. Students will add multiples of 10 and 100 to, and subtract them from, 3-digit numbers. Students will solve problems in a variety of contexts and then share, discuss, and compare different strategies for addition and subtraction.


Content Literacy News

After learning about plant adaptations we are moving on to animal adaptations. We will study how some animals have evolved to survive in diverse environments like the desert, the rainforest, the arctic and the grasslands. We will study their relationship with plants from these environments. We will also take a look at the impact that humans have had in the survival of some of these plants and animals.


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