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June 2017


Reading News

The third grade is reading about a country in Africa such as Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa and Kenya. The children are reading in non fiction book clubs with a focus on becoming researchers. After they have researched all about one country they will choose to learn about another country in Africa. They will independently gather facts from other texts to build their knowledge. While students read, they will take notes to hold onto important information that they can add in their notebooks. You may visit the library and borrow books.


Writing News

In June we will be having fun with fairytales. We will be writing adaptations of traditional fairytales like Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and others. Children will be changing the characters, the setting or even the events in the story. They can add their own ideas and make the story funny or scary. As they plan their stories, they rehearse how they might go and become story-tellers. Ask your child to story-tell their adaptation at home and have some fun with them, too.


Math News

We are working with a unit on subtraction on the open number line. This is done through literature where students use a story frame to connect to real word math problems. The unit will run for 10 sessions with a culminating celebration that will give the children a chance to present all that they have learned within the unit.

social studies

Social Studies News



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Content Literacy News

After learning about animal adaptations. We will study how some animals have evolved to survive in diverse environments like the desert, the rainforest, the arctic and the grasslands. We will study their relationship within their environments. We will also take a look at the impact that humans have had in the survival of some of these plants and animals.



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