Student Council

Student Council is an organization that performs community service activities.  Student Council members meet twice a month to collect ideas about school spirit week, community service activities, and ways to make PS 182 amazing. Within these past few years, Student Council has created our very first mascot, the tiger. We have redesigned our school logo and t-shirts. We read daily announcements, run various activities, and work closely with the administration. Student Council is open to students in 5th grade.  Members come to meetings to share ideas, thoughts, and participate in various community service activities.
Advisors: Shannon Curran & Lily Salazar

Our executive board will be announced in November after school elections. We will have a President, Vice President, and two secretaries.   

Candidates for Office

President: Muhammad Ghazali, Kiara Loor, Kaylee Vera
Vice President: Marjorie Hernandez, Charisma Douglas, Samira Tasnim,
Secretaries: Chelsea Joseph, Arianna Sanchez, Shaniela Carr Yousoulf Doumbauya,

Members of the 2016-2017 Student Council

Class 101: Marjorie Hernandez, Brigitte Medina, Deyanira Campos, Kiara Loor
Class 102: Arianna Sanchez, Eva Mejia, Chelsea Joseph, Samira Tasnim, Mashal Shahid
Class 103: Kaylee Vera, Ricardo Guadarrama, Youssouf Doumbauya, Alyssa Senat, Shaniela Carr
Class 104: Muhammad Ghazali, Steve Delacruz, Jonathon Palaguachi, Abdoulaye Fofana, Charisma Douglas

Community service activities that we organize:

We conduct a different community service activity almost every month.

YFood Drive: Throughout the past few years, we have collected over 2,500 pounds of food. We donated food to City Harvest.   

*The food drive will begin October 31st and run until November 21st, 2016

b Letters to the Vets: We write letters to the vets to thank them for their service.
*Will take place around February 2017

p School Spirit Weeks: We have various spirit weeks. To kick off spirit week we always do a school-wide DEAR time, where we drop everything and read. Some school spirit activities include pajama day, superhero day, character day, career day, time warp day, and fancy day.

Click here for the October 31st- November 4th Spirit Week.

*Will take place every other month  

b Winter Drive: Throughout the past few years, we have collected thousands of winter accessories (mittens, hats, scarfs, etc.) and have donated it to various families in our neighborhood.  
*Will begin in December 2016 and run until January 2017.

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