Hello! We have been doing a lot of fun activities and experiments in Science. Most grades are finishing the 2nd unit in our curriculum. Whether we are studying Earth Science, Physical Science, or Life Science, we are all busy discovering new things about sound, electricity, movement, and Earth. We will start our new units soon. Here is what we’ll work on:

2Second Grade

Our new unit is called New Plants. Students will experience the diversity of life in the plant kingdom. They will observe the structures of flowering plants and discover the ways new plants grow from mature plants (seeds, bulbs, roots, cutting). They will observe and describe changes that occur as plants grow and develop, and organize their observations in a journal.


3Third Grade

We will learn about Simple Machines. Students will observe and describe the ease and difficulty of the movement of objects in their world. Exploring the observable effects of gravity helps students develop an understanding of the reason for the direction of an object’s motion. Manipulation and application of simple tools and machines may help students learn about the relationships between forces and motion. They will describe the effects of common forces (pushes and pulls) of objects, such as those caused by gravity, and mechanical forces.


4Fourth Grade

We will study the properties of water. Students will observe and describe properties of materials, using appropriate tools. They will describe chemical and physical changes, including changes in states of matter with an emphasis on water and what happens when it’s heated, cooled, frozen, evaporated, and condensed. They will explore components of the water cycle.


5Fifth Grade

Our new unit is called Food and Nutrition. The purpose of this unit is for students to learn how food, which is the main source of nutrients and energy, affects their growth and development. Students will use laboratory tools and techniques to test food. They will use their knowledge and information from product labels to plan and evaluate menus and will explore the relationship between the foods they eat and their personal health.


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