Hello Parents/Guardians of PS 182Q:

Happy Spring (finally)! As always, things are moving very fast as we approach the end of a great 2017-2018 school year in music.

First Grade - This first year of Music and the Brain has been a great success! First graders have learned the beginnings of reading music and how to play songs on the keyboard from many different countries, and enjoyed musical activities that enhance learning in all areas. Now we are introducing songs that use both hands on the keys. Be on the lookout for an invite to a music family morning, where students will show you what they’ve learned.

Second Grade – To date, our second graders have learned how to play in an ensemble (a large orchestra) with their classmates using many of the instruments in the classroom. Currently, they are working on reading rhythmic notation (music notes) while playing drums and other percussion in small groups. As we move towards the summer, the second graders will be using a music program on the computers from Berklee College of Music to begin to learn how to read melody.

Third Grade - From playing blues music as a large orchestra, to working on harmony and chord theory, third graders have had a busy year in music. Right now, we are studying how to build major and minor chords, which is the kind of work you might see at the middle or high school level. Students will use this knowledge to play chord charts of today’s popular music.

Fourth Grade – In February, the fourth graders came to Instrumental Music to begin their studies on guitar. We started with the basics, like how to hold the guitar, how to identify the names of the strings, how to strengthen our fingers, and how to read a chord diagram. Now, we are working on our first song called “Best Day of My Life,” and will video our performance when it is ready.

Fifth Grade – This is a very special time for our fifth graders as we near the end of their time here as students. We are currently working on improving our guitar rhythm, playing skills with a classic song called “Beat it.” At the same time, we are preparing for graduation and working on singing the songs you will hear at our graduation ceremony in June. Please remember that even as students graduate and move, my door is always open for questions regarding music, auditions, performance opportunities, and for students to keep in touch.

Thank you and please stop by room 220 on May 22nd for Parent Engagement.


Mr. Meyers - Instrumental Music Teacher


Mr. Rustrian

Dear Parents,

As we draw near the end of the year, students from kindergarten through fifth grade will learn music connected to their social studies content area. Our incredible journey in music will explore topics in culture, community, history and language. Listed below are grades and their individual focus for the final part of the year.

Kindergarten- Students in kindergarten are learning how to play the keyboard using a program called MATB (Music and The Brain). Students are learning how to read rhythms, melodies chords and play them on the keyboard. The goal for this year is to expose kindergarteners to the foundation for reading music. Kindergarten students are also getting ready for their moving up ceremony and will learn songs relate to literacy units they covered throughout the year.

Second Grade- Students in second grade are learning two major aspects of music; composing medleys and composing songs using known melodies. As they explore these wonderful concepts of music, they begin to understand how songs are written and how to write medleys by combining songs together using songs they learned in chorus.

Third Grade- Third graders will cover music from around the world. They will sing songs that reflect a country’s history and culture. They will learn to sing in different languages focusing on diction, expression and rhythm.

Fourth Grade- Fourth grade students will explore early American history through songs. They will focus on patriotic music using historical references as a guide to understanding European influences and their impact on today’s culture. Students will also discuss as part of the unit of study, the United States Constitution in reference to songs like, The Star-Spangled Banner, My Country ‘Tis of Thee, America the Beautiful, and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Fifth Grade- Fifth grade students will explore today’s popular music and the impact it has on culture. Our main focus will be; understanding music theory, composition and the purpose and impact music has on society.

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to an incredible year.


Yours, Mr. Rustrian


PS 182Q 2015 Winter Concert Sampler from Jonny Meyers on Vimeo.

Dynamite, with adapted lyrics (PS 182 School Song). from Jonny Meyers on Vimeo.


PS 182's Whole Music Education

At P.S. 182Q, we believe strongly in the Arts and how a quality education in the arts strengthens the lives of our children. Our music program is called a Whole Music Education, because we try to introduce our students to many different aspects of music making. These include performance, reading and composition, instrumental and vocal music, studies in music theory, music appreciation and music history.

We build our program on a grade by grade ladder, fostering group work and independence from a very early age. The younger grades get their first opportunities to perform as a group, following each other along songs and melodies that range from classic to current material. The middle grades take these performance skills a step further by getting a chance to understand the history of the music they are performing, and to sharpen their performance skills with solo sections, live performance in front of community audiences, and chances to build the skills needed for school band and school chorus tryouts in the coming years. The upper grades prepare for their musical future with studies in reading, writing and composition, while also coming back to the group performance skills they learned in their early grades during performances in school band, school chorus, graduation, talent shows and in the Quest ExpandedED program.

We offer many different programs in music. We are able to do this because of school wide support from teachers, administrators and the parents and families of our students. Our school offers classes Instrumental Music and Modern Band (working on small and large musical ensembles with instruments such as keyboard, guitar, & percussion) with Mr. Meyers, Chorus (vocal music) with Mr. Rustrian, and a special Quest program that focuses on reading, writing and performing original music with Mr. Michael.

Keep an eye out for one of our many performances both at the school or in the community and come see what we do. If you would like to speak with any of our instructors, please reach us at 719-298-7700.

Mr. Meyers - Instrumental Music/Band
Mr. Rustrian - Vocal Music/Chorus
Mr. Michael - Quest ExpandedED Music Teacher


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