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Reading: Avid Readers

This month in reading, we will continue to build up our reading muscles as we read our Just Right Books. In this unit Avid Readers, we will continue to focus on reading strategies to help us figure out tricky or unknown words. Your children are getting stronger as readers and will need to grow bigger reading muscles to read those books. We will use skills such as pointing under each word as we read, using the picture, looking at initial letters. We will also build up our M,S,V reading skills when we get stuck on tricky words. When we get stuck on tricky words we will be thinking about what word would make sense, sound right and look right in the sentence to help us read the word. We will also continue to build up our sight word recognition so that we can recognize sight words in our books as well as notice patterns as we read. We also want to strengthen our reading stamina so that we stay focused in our reading for longer periods of time. In Shared Reading, we will also continue to support these reading strategies. At home, please make sure your child is reading every day and is sharing their books with you. As you talk about the books, ask them to retell what the story is about telling: characters, setting, problem/plot and ending. It is important that they begin to include important details about the story and retell the story in order especially when they are reading in higher levels. Reading baggies must be returned each day. Please log on to MyOn to further support reading time at home.

Below is a list of helpful suggestions that you can use when reading with your child:


• Use information from the cover to make predictions about the story
• Flip through the book and look at the pictures to gain clues as to what the story will be about
• Use pointer finger to read each word
• Look at the beginning sounds of words
• Look at the ending sounds of words
• Look for repeating word wall words
• Look for smaller words within a larger word ex. looking -look
• Pay close attention to their reading to make sure it makes sense, sounds right and looks right
• Group words together as they read, to make their reading sound more like talking
• Retell the story in order being sure to include characters, setting, problem/plot, ending/solution


Writing: Persuasive Writing

We just launched our Persuasive Writing unit before Mid-Winter break. In this unit, your child will have the opportunity to voice their opinions and persuade others to side with them. They will be introduced to persuasive writing vocabulary such as “I think… because…and give reasons, fix it ideas. We will use different writing formats to persuade our readers: signs, booklets, letters and songs. We will think about things we want to change to make our classroom, our school and the world a better place. Just like in reading, we are going back to reread our writing to make sure it makes sense, sounds right and looks right.

Some Persuasive Writing Topics:

• Making the classroom a better place: no running, listening and following directions
• Making the school a better place: no running in hallways and stairwells, walking quietly in line, following directions
• Making the world a better place: being nice to others, no littering


In Math, we will begin a unit on 3-Dimensional Geometry. Children will have to describe identify and compare 3-D shapes: sphere, cube, triangular prism, rectangular prism, cone and cylinder. Children will have to talk about their size, shape and attributes.

They should be able to count the faces(flat 2-D shape) and vertices (points) and know the difference between curved and straight lines or sides. In class we will play the game Geoblock Match Up, Matching Faces to help support 3-D shape recognition. At home, please continue to play math games sent home weekly to help reinforce math skills taught in school. Please log on to for further explanations of lessons and games.

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