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Octuber 2017

Ms. P. Cohen & Ms. R. Cohen, Ms. Messel, Ms. Zelter, & Ms. Covello

Dear Parents,

All of the boys and girls have been adjusting nicely to the rules and routines of our classrooms and they have made new friends. We have begun our units in Reading, Writing and Math. Here are some of the topics we will be working on this month:


In reading, the children will be learning to read and retell Emergent storybooks by using the pictures in their books. Rereading will be a very important skill to use to help them retell with more detail and expression. They will also have conversations with their partners during partner reading time to help them share their ideas and thoughts as they read. At home, please make sure your child is reading and sharing their books with you.

For the next few weeks in Reading we will be sending home book baggies with books they have read in class many times. Please look at the pictures with your child and connect the pictures with the words. Please have your child retell the story as well as act out the story using characters voice and gestures. All book baggies need to come back to school EVERYDAY.


In writing, we will be writing like scientists who explore and examine objects from nature. They will be looking at different collections of nature such as: leaves, twigs, bark, and rocks. Using magnifying glasses, they will examine objects closely so that they can draw what they see exactly as a way to teach others about the object. By using an alphabet chart, we will continue to work on labeling pictures and stretching out words to write the sounds they hear. We will also begin to write simple sentences using sight words such as: a, I, the. At home, please continue to help your child practice writing words by stretching them and listening for the letter sounds they hear.


We will be learning, counting and comparing. We will learn games like Roll and Record, Grab and Count, and Build It, these games will help develop these concepts. We will also learn measurement where the children will start to compare length of objects.


Reminder: Please be sure to set aside time for homework everyday. Our children still need your help reading directions and completing their homework. Soon they will be able to do most of the homework assignments all on their own. Thank you for all your support while the children become independent learners. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.



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