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May Newsletters


Reading Workshop – We are continuing our Reading Unit which is Avid Readers. This unit is focusing on teaching us to put all the things we have been learning to become the best readers we can be. We are using our decoding strategies along with our understanding of the stories to figure out our books. We are really focusing on comprehension and retelling. We look to see if "it looks right, sounds right and makes sense?"

In the middle of May we are starting our last unit which is Readers Get to Know Their Characters by pretending to perform our books. For this unit the children will continue to work on several reading skills and strategies to become stronger readers. It is evident that the children are practicing these skills at home as well. They are truly blossoming as readers and writers! Please continue to encourage your child to use picture clues, letter/sound associations, context clues, and high-frequency words to help him/her continue to develop as a reader! Remember, we also suggest that you ask comprehension questions about each story. For example: “Can you tell me about the characters in the story?” We will continue to develop the understanding of the main idea of a story. The children understand the main idea as the big idea of a story or what a story is mostly about. As your child reads at home, please ask your child “What is the big idea in this book?” or “What is the book mostly about?” Encourage your child to read on a daily basis! The repetition truly enhances learning.

Read with your child every night and have your child retell the story to make sure he/she understands what is happening in the book. If your child forgets a part, go back and have your child reread to find the missing part.


Writing Workshop – We are just finishing up our All About Unit. In this unit your child had the opportunity to become teachers and write all they knew about a topic. Our last unit in Writing Workshop will be Crafting Stories Using All We Know About Narrative Writing. These stories are true from their own lives. We plan out our stories by sketching our pictures and then adding words to go with our stories. We have to reread our stories so that they make sense, they sound right and they look right. You can always help your children in writing by telling stories at home. Storytelling is a great way for student to practice telling their stories out loud.

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In math we are working on geometry. In this unit, students will build on their knowledge of shapes and farther develop their understanding of them. Students will be creating, identifying, describing, comparing, representing and building a variety of 2D and 3D shapes. We will also continue to work on math problems with addition and subtraction. Continue to practice this with your child at home using household items such as coins, paperclips, blocks etc.



The Kindergarten Benchmark for May/June is: D/E

Monday, May 29th – Memorial Day – No School

Thursday, June 8th - Brooklyn/Queens Day – No School for Students

Tuesday, June 12th – Clerical Day – No School for Students

Thursday, June 22 – Kindergarten Moving Up Ceremony (more details will be coming soon)

Monday, June 26th – Eid Al Fitr – No School

Wednesday, June 28th – Last Day of School – Half Day – Dismissal at 11:30am



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